Let’s Respect : Delirium, Dementia and Depression

Let’s Respect is founded and will operate as a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of care for older people with mental health needs through education, example, research and the practical application of known best practice.

There are many challenges from a number of perspectives here. Our ethos and approach is simple -

Let's respond to every challenge therapeutically -  in a way that is caring and helpful.

Our work today builds on and augments the work of the first Let's Respect campaign devised to improve the care of older people with mental health problems in acute care settings.

The need for Let’s Respect   is ever greater now. The current demographic, economic and political challenges underscore the need for an approach that considers the identification and better care of all mental illness in later life regardless of the place in which this 'caring' happens or who provides it.

Our shared and common focus is the person who needs it

Supporting recovery, preventing illness and ensuring an explicit focus on mental health promotion are fundamental to Let’s Respect  . We will promote a concept of Human Caring that crosses diagnostic, professional, cultural and organisational boundaries.

Let's Respect's  purpose is to:

  • Establish, celebrate and share best practice
  • Increase understanding and competence in others
  • Support individuals and organisations to care
If you identify with just one thing from this site and share it, we move closer to our goal. You are welcome to join us in spreading the word wherever you are.